IBM Storage Management

NHZ Global has developed significant expertise in the enterprise-wide Storage Management product from IBM. IBM's Storage Management product offers centralized, automated data protection that can help reduce the risks associated with data loss while helping to manage costs, reduce complexity and address compliance with regulatory data retention requirements.

NHZ Global systems capabilities in IBM Storage management help its clients to better manage their storage infrastructure.

  • Enterprise level Data Protection and Recovery Management
  • Active data storage pools to allow optimized access to active versions for faster restores.
  • Administrator User interface to manage one or more TSM servers.
  • API for critical online backup services to data-intensive applications
  • Helps quickly and easily retrieve archived data, helping effectively extend your data storage capabilities without the need for more expensive online storage
  • Backup Sets (rapid restores or instant archives)
  • Restores the operating system of Windows, Sun™, Linux, HP and AIX
  • Creates a disaster recovery plan and facilitates the tracking of off-site volumes.
  • Dynamic Multi-Threaded Transfer
  • Enterprise Configuration and Policy Management
  • Complements progressive incremental backups to provide full file system backup and restores
  • HSM (Hierarchal Space Management)
  • Progressive Incremental Backup
  • Synchronous Off-Site Backups
  • Administration of IBM Storage Management products
  • Configuration of IBM Storage Management products on Multiple OS
  • Schedule Configuration
  • Backup-Archive Client Configuration
  • Automate the Administrative process through commands and Alerts.