Risk Free Outsourcing

Outsourcing software development can be time consuming, complex, and risky to implement – particularly where the development team is already under pressure or where the organisation is going through a period of significant change. NHZ Global   outsourcing service – the Virtual Team Extension (VTE) – has been designed specifically for those organisations who are considering taking their first step into outsourced development or who have tried the traditional outsourcing model and found that it does not meet their requirements for responsiveness, quality and manageability.

The VTE solution is simple, straightforward, low risk and very cost effective:- a highly qualified, self managing development team, working exclusively for you, and completely under your direction. It gives you all the financial benefits of off-shoring but in a controlled and easily managed way.

An NHZ Global VTE provides a quick to implement and extremely cost effective way to reduce a development backlog, speed up time to market, solve a recruitment crisis or balance the IT budget. A typical all inclusive cost for a four person development for example is atleast 30% - 40% less than the costs of an equivalent in-house team.

Project Control

NHZ Global makes sure that the customers have full control and visibility of their projects. Project plans and everyday's progress is totally transparent to the customer. However we don't stop there. The customers are actually in total control of the team by channels and procedures that have evolved over the years. Each team has a Customer contact that can directly interact with the developers and instead of getting monthly timesheets, can, if they wish, actually instruct the team on a daily basis just as if the team was sitting in the same building. If needed NHZ Global will make available its consultants onsite while a full off-shore team handles the development work.

Project Traceability

We at NHZ Global deploy various solutions to make sure that each step from the inception to the delivery is absolutely transparent and traceable by the customer. We follow the highest available industry standards and practices to make sure that emails, phone conferences and documents adhere to industry standards.Change Management

We have strict change management practices in place which is one of the reasons why our projects are always delivered on time. However where our customers have their own policies that must be followed then their NHZ Global team will adopt those standards throughout the project.